Sandvik adds new tube line at Indian mill to boost capacity and local service

To increase the availability of its high-quality seamless stainless tube, add flexibility for introducing new grades and strengthen regional service, Sandvik is adding a new cold finishing tube manufacturing line at its Mehsana Mill, in Gujarat western India, to be inaugurated January 30, 2020. The new high-tech line, mainly aimed at the production of heat exchanger tubing and for other demanding industrial applications, will double Mehsana’s cold-working capacity and thus allow for swifter delivery times across the Asia Pacific region.

Opening new possibilities for customers

“We’re delighted to announce the added annual capacity for cold finished tube,” says Sharath Satish, President Business Unit Tube APAC. “It’s part of our ongoing commitment to customers in India and the Asia Pacific region to improve the availability of our top-quality products, broaden the portfolio and become the most reliable, one-stop-shop in the region. Together with fabricators and end-users, we are expanding new opportunities to boost productivity and extend the lifecycle of their equipment with the help of predictable, high-precision tubing – delivered when they need it.” He notes that the Mehsana manufacturing facility has been successively expanded and modernized in recent years. The focus has been on boosting capacity, adding new grades and sizes, and constantly improving to meet the highest global quality standards. Standards fulfilled include ASTM, ASME, EN, NACE 0101/0175 as well as customer specifications.

Battling heat and corrosion – with maintained fatigue strength

Cold finished seamless stainless tube from Sandvik is especially popular among fabricators and OEMs using high-temperature heat exchangers with special requirements for resisting corrosion and high temperatures. The tube is used in a wide range of industries such as petrochemical, oil & gas, chemical, fertilizer and others.

Tighter dimensional tolerances than ASTM

The cold-forming process, which involves drawing and shaping of the tube, is used to impart higher strength than found in the initial annealed condition. To achieve the very highest straightness, low eccentricity and tight dimensional tolerances, Sandvik employs its own patented cold pilgering technique. The new cold finishing line will focus on heat exchanger tube sizes in austentic, duplex and nickel alloys, which can be supplied straight or U-bent for shell-and-tube heat exchangers – cleaned and plugged.

Setting the industry standard

“Mehsana is a key pillar in our strategy of being a reliable global supplier of advanced corrosion-resistant alloy products, with a focus on materials expertise, innovation and setting the standard in our niches,” says Michael Andersson, head of the Tube Division at Sandvik.

Fully integrated production – from melt to final tube

Sandvik maintains a highly integrated and sustainable manufacturing process, with tube products made from 84-percent recycled metal using efficient manufacturing processes. Driven by a “zero defects” philosophy and ambitious targets, the mill secures full traceability from melt to final tube. This means that individual heat exchanger tubes can be traced in every step of the production process back to the individual melt, heat and lot. Every tube undergoes a battery of chemical and mechanical tests, including positive material identification (PMI), so customers always know the material they receive is what they ordered.

Wide range of tube sizes and grades

The Mehsana mill tube program covers ANSI pipes, redraw hollows, heat exchanger tube and high-temperature tube. Tube grades comprise a wide range of corrosion-resistant alloys (CRAs) – from austenitic and super austenitic to duplex, super duplex and nickel alloys.

Expanding range of nickel alloys

“Many customers know about our austenitic and duplex programs but are surprised to learn that we have a growing range of nickel alloy grades,” says Nitin Chaudhari, Production Unit Manager of PU Mehsana. “Many of these products fall under our Sanicro® brand, such as Sanicro® 30 (Alloy 800), Sanicro® 41 (Alloy 825), Sanicro® 70 (Alloy 600) and Sanicro® 625 (Alloy 625), to name a few.”

New cost-efficient superaustenitics

“We’re also very excited to be developing some all-new superaustenitic grades that will in many cases bridge the properties gap, at higher temperatures, between standard duplex/austenitic grades and more costly nickel alloys. All these alloys will be manufactured in our new facility increasing our range and local service offer to our customers. This spring, we will be announcing some smart new alternatives in this area, so keep an eye out,” concludes Nitin Chaudhari.