Sandvik®14C28N steel in Cangshan’s premier knife lines

Our steel grade Sandvik®14C28N printed on the knife blade

Sandvik and award winning premium knife producer Cangshan Cutlery Co. have initiated a partnership with the ambition of making innovative knives for the next generation. The knives are made from high alloy Sandvik®14C28N steel, which is the latest development in the range of knife steels.

The cooperation is a perfect match since Cangshan Cutlery Co. and Sandvik are both companies who strive for pushing the boundaries. Continuously looking to combine the best qualities of western and eastern style designs, materials and workmanship, Cangshan creates unique knives for all levels of culinary creatives and professionals.

Using Sandvik®14C28N is ideal for knife applications which place very high demands on edge sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance such as chef's knives, as well as pocket and hunting knives. This means Cangshan knives come out of the box exceptionally sharp with amazingly long edge retention.

Today, Cangshan is manufacturing five of their most popular designs in Sandvik steel and is for sure an exciting player to join for the future in the cutlery industry.

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