Vascular therapy

Sandvik offers an extensive range of wire for guidewires, catheter reinforcements and pacing leads which act as an integral part of medical devices used to treat cardiovascular, endovascular and peripheral vascular disorders.



Thin medical tubes that are inserted into the body cavity or a duct to perform surgical operations and treat disorders such as cardiovascular, neurovascular and others. One of the applications of catheters is in cardiac catheterization in which the catheter is inserted into a blood vessel leading to the heart to examine the functioning of the heart. Sandvik provides round and flat wire used for braided catheter reinforcement in two different grades. The catheter reinforcements are generally characterized with properties such as moderate tensile strength, good corrosion resistance and moderate fatigue and relaxation resistance.


Guidewires access a patient’s coronary and peripheral vascular system for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures. Guidewires are generally used as a guide for the purpose of placing and guiding large devices such as balloon dilation catheters during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA). When the tip of the devices reaches the intended endpoint, the wires act as a guide which is followed by the large catheters for easier transfer to the treatment site. Guidewires are characterized by properties such as moderate tensile strength, good corrosion resistance, and moderate fatigue and relaxation resistance.

Fine wire components manufactured by us are used to make the guidewires.

Pacemaker Leads

Thin insulated wires which transmit electrical impulses from the pacemaker to a particular chamber of the heart and communicate information about the activity of the heart back to the pacemaker. The lead is made up of a metal alloy such as CoCrMo based alloy wires but is insulated by a polymer, such as polyurethane. The pacing leads generally have properties like ultra-high strength, toughness, ductility and excellent corrosion resistance. Depending on the pacemaker type, single or multiple pacing leads can connect the chambers of the heart to the pacemaker.

The Sandvik range of wire used for heart mapping devices, sensors, catheters and monitoring devices includes the following grades:

Grade Description
Sandvik 12R10 HV medical wire
('304V', UNS S30400)

An austenitic stainless steel with moderate tensile strength, good corrosion resistance and moderate fatigue and relaxation resistance.

Sandvik 316LVM medical wire
(UNS S31673)

A molybdenum-alloyed high-strength vacuum remelted austenitic stainless steel with excellent microcleanliness and structural homogeneity.

EXERA® fine medical wire-based components

Medical wire in stainless steel, precious metals and CoCr alloys available with a wide selection of coatings and surface treatments.

我们的 Medical devices 产品

采用不锈钢、贵金属及 CoCr 合金的医用线材,具有各种涂层和表面处理方式可供选择。