Stimulation therapy

Neurostimulation is a wide branch of therapeutic activation and stimulation of the nervous system such as brain stimulation, deep brain stimulation, spinal cord stimulation, and others. Neurostimulation is generally based on the utilization of electrical impulses transmitted to the part of the nervous system that is functioning improperly.


Deep brain stimulation

This has proved to be effective in controlling movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. The deep brain stimulation system consists of two parts: microelectrodes and electrical pulse generator. The electrodes are implanted in the brain to deliver the impulses to the nerves and the electrical pulse generator produces stimulation impulses. The electrodes and the pulse generator are connected by minute conductive wires. Spinal cord stimulators are also based on a similar structure consisting of an electrical pulse generator, electrodes and wires connecting the pulse generator to the electrodes. Additionally, they possess a remote to control the various input parameters of the pulse. Sandvik manufactures high quality conductive wires of high durability which form an integral part of modern neurostimulation devices.

EXERA® fine medical wire-based components

Medical wire in stainless steel, precious metals and CoCr alloys available with a wide selection of coatings and surface treatments.

我们的 Medical devices 产品

采用不锈钢、贵金属及 CoCr 合金的医用线材,具有各种涂层和表面处理方式可供选择。