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Today’s high-pressure, high-temperature subsea wells demand ultra-strong, corrosion-resistant materials. The forging and casting of components often requires extra machining, welds, cladding and longer delivery times. This is where our powdered metallurgy for hot isostatic pressing (HIP) comes in. It lets you tailor-make complex parts with no weakness and no cracks due to welding. Part of our broader oil and gas portfolio, HIP products support our 50-year track record of helping major offshore players go further and deeper.



The basic idea is simple. Place fine metal powder in a capsule, heat to elevated temperature, apply isostatic gas pressure and you get a very strong, solid and dense shape with no inclusions. The encapsulated powder can be “HIPed” to produce Near-Net Shapes (NNS) of virtually any geometry. Not only does this offer more design freedom than forging or casting, it reduces the risk of hydrogen-induced stress cracking (HISC) since the process results in a material with very fine microstructure.

By avoiding time-consuming welding and inspections in the forging-machining process, you reduce lead times and costs.

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