New materials and optimizations

Today’s material development continuously brings new materials to life with a variety of benefits, such as light, strong, cost-efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. The Sandvik experience of material development stretches back to the days of the first trials of the Bessemer method in the mid 1900s. Since then, we’ve led the development of stainless steels, nickel based alloys and other advanced materials.


Do you run a project that include materials that are yet to leave the design table? Or do you want to optimize an existing material to meet your requirements?

Let us know! Whenever you want a small batch of a new alloy or to optimize an existing alloy inside what the specification allows, we have the right setup of people, labs and manufacturing to take you from idea stage to product delivery in bar, tube, wire or strip forms.

With our supply chain and subcontractor network, can also deliver stainless steel products with special added operations, semi-finished products and parts ready for assembly.

Way of working

Contact us with a short description of your requirement. Each project is unique, and we will come back to you shortly for more information on how to proceed.