Sanicro® 31HT


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Sanicro® 31HT, commonly known as Alloy 800HT, is an austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy. It is characterized by:

  • High creep strength
  • Very good resistance to oxidation
  • Good resistance to combustion gases
  • Very good resistance to carburization
  • Good resistance to nitrogen absorption
  • Good structural stability at high temperatures
  • Good weldability

The grade can be used at temperatures up to about 1100°C (2010°F). In order to have the best ductility this grade should be used above 700°C (1290°F). Because of its high nickel content and prescribed maximization of (Ti + Al) content, Sanicro® 31HT shows extremely little tendency to precipitation of embrittling phases.


  • UNS: N08810/N08811
  • EN Number: 1.4959
  • W.Nr.: 1.4876/1.4959

Product Standards

Suitable for the production of flanges etc. according to ASTM B564
Chemical composition according to EN 10095.


Status according to EN 10 204/3.1